Complete sawmill operation for sale in Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus.

Main engine HewSaw R-115 Veisto.
A major sawmill equipment renovation completed in the year 2002.
Current production capacity is approximately 65 000 ... 70 000 cbm lumber per year.
Length of sawlogs 2,9...6,3 m.
Minimum log top diameter 90 mm, maximum 220 mm.

Land rent agreement of the property is in force till the year 2029.

 Phone +372 5263986  

Main gate (layout position #1)
View from the gate
Office (11;12;13)
Warehouse (14) and loading ramp (18)
Chips for loading; warehouse (17)
Crane (10)
Loading point
Log sorting line (9)
Log sorter
Log table
HewSaw R-115
Manual sorting
Green sorting
Bark storage (8)
Sawdust storage (7)
Lumber sorting (5)
Packs from the kiln
Quality control
Sorting in process
Kiln (4)
To the sorting line
Ready for kiln
Boiler house (3)